How to Carve Your Turkey Like a Pro

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Does carving the bird each holiday season make you feel a bit nervous? Take the fear out and enjoy the main job! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and turkey is the main star of the show. Carving a turkey isn't as difficult as you might think. Save your counters (and your sanity) with these Top Carving Tricks. We know you can do it!

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A Few Tips and Tricks Before You Dig in (Literally!):

1. The sheet pan hack.

Set your cutting board on a sheet pan and carve as usual. This way all your mess (and, ahem, turkey liquid) will end up on the sheet pan and not run down your counters.

2. Place a silicone trivet under your sheet pan and cutting board.

Give yourself a little more grip and stop the slide while you're working on your turkey. A small non-slip rug pad will work well for this, too!

3. Pick out a big platter.

Your delicious turkey needs a place to go! Snag a platter that's ready so you have a place to load all your beautiful turkey slices on. Make sure you have it at the ready and next to you as you carve.

4. Grab your tool.

Many pros choose an electric knife, but feel free to use any carving knife or chef's knife that you feel comfortable cutting with! You'll also benefit from having a large fork nearby, too.

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Now that you're all set up, let's get to carving:

Follow these step-by-step instructions to perfectly carve your Thanksgiving turkey. You'll soon be carving like a professional!

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What do you think? Are you up for the challenge this year? You can do it!

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