It's No Joke — Laughter is Great Medicine

Why is laughter the best medicine? image

Does laughter reduce pain? Does it improve immune function? Yes, and yes. Laughter ranks high in the medicine toolbox, with research suggesting it provides a variety of benefits that range from reducing pain to increasing your connection with others. Need some reasons to start laughing? We've got you with these 7 Ways That Laughter is Truly Great Medicine.

Reduces stress

Feeling tense? Stress and overwhelm seems to be everywhere nowadays. Being an adult brings a long list of responsibilities, but that doesn't mean we have to be so serious all the time! Unwinding with a good laugh lowers the level of cortisol in our bloodstream. What's cortisol? The stress hormone! Less cortisol equals less stress. So, laugh on and bring on the calm.

Stimulates Our Heart

Keeping our heart healthy is key as we age. Exercise and diet are beneficial in achieving this, but adding humor and laughter to this list helps immensely. Our blood vessels dilate when we laugh, which means blood flows much more easily through our veins. More blood flow equals more oxygen around the body. And, more oxygen flowing around the body equals a lower pressure. A lower pressure means your heart doesn't have to work as hard... you get the idea.

Connects us With Others

Want to diffuse a tense situation? Try some humor! A funny comment can instantly bring a positive vibe to the atmosphere and clear uncomfortable vibes.

Craving connection with people you just met? Laughter draws people together in ways that trigger emotional changes in the body that connect us with others. There's a reason why those dreaded icebreaker questions are recommended...

Natural Pain Reliever

Bring on the endorphins! When we laugh, endorphins are released. These little friends reduce the sensation of pain and act as natural opiates.

Aids Digestion

Work those ab muscles! When you laugh, not only does your face get a workout, but your abs do too. When you have a giggle, the muscles in your abdominal area produce more gastric juices, which aids the digestive process. Bring on the belly laughs!

Boost That Immune System

The key to a strong immune system? Antibodies! When we have a good chuckle, antibodies are released throughout our body. And those antibodies? They're on a mission to fight off infection and disease.

Positive Effects on Mental Health? Yes, Please.

Finding humor in life can help our ability to cope with the many ups, downs, and loop-de-loops that come our way. Laugh on to see things in a different light!

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