Our 12 Most Popular Recipes in 2023

Crack Quesadilla 2

Who doesn't love a year in review as we close out one year and look forward to another? From Crack Quesadilla to Julia Roberts Summer Salad, we rounded up the 12 Most Popular Recipes This Year to close out 2023 and ring in 2024!

Get ready to bookmark your favorites... these recipes are keepers!

Most Popular Recipes of 2023:

1. Dinner Cobbler

Dinner Cobbler

It's almost cinematic! A cobbler hot from the oven, cooling on the windowsill. But what's this? Instead of a fruit filling, this is a savory, scrumptious meal just waiting for everyone to sit down and enjoy? Well then pull up a chair! Dinner Cobbler has the buttery crust of a dessert cobbler but the creamy filling of a pot pie, loaded with hearty mushrooms and meaty ham as well as your favorite garden vegetables. You might still be tempted to steal the Dinner Cobbler right off that windowsill like rascally schoolchildren just so you don't have to share!

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2. Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole

Jackie Kennedy Special Casserole 1

Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole, sometimes called Casserole Marie Blanche, was apparently a beloved dinner when the Kennedys were in the White House, served to honored guests and family members. Once you try it for yourself, you'll see why! A seemingly simple, tender noodle dish with plenty of cheesy, tangy flavor, and the refreshing garden sharpness of chives, Jackie Kennedy's Special Casserole is delicate and hearty at the same time, heartwarmingly homemade yet delightfully classic. You'll love every minute this is on your plate!

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3. Monkey Bars

Monkey Bars

Don't be fooled by the name... these Monkey Bars are not the kind you find at a playground, but they are here for some fun! These perfectly sized squares are made up of ripe bananas, sweet chocolate chips, and a soft and chewy cookie base. Perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth whether you're hanging at the park or at home. With their combination of fruity sweetness and rich chocolate flavor, these Monkey Bars aren't monkeying around when it comes to making sure you have a delicious dessert hanging around!

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4. Italian Easter Pie

Italian Easter Pie-2

This might be the year you step away from your usual Easter dessert spread and shake it up with something a little different! Maybe even something like Italian Easter Pie! This sweet and creamy deep-dish deliciousness will bring an exciting change to your after-church meal. You could even keep a few of your classic sugary favorites on the table and just swap this recipe in as the new star of your delightful dessert ensemble! Whatever you do, we highly recommend trying a slice of Italian Easter Pie because who knows, it could become a beloved new tradition!

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5. Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Stuffed Crescent Rolls image

Everyone rolls up to the table when they see a plate of Stuffed Crescent Rolls on it. The crust is buttery, flaky, and puffy, wrapping up a savory and creamy filling of shredded chicken. With a zesty touch of herbs and a gravy drizzle, Stuffed Crescent Rolls can and will vanish in an instant, so make sure you grab one for yourself before you serve anyone else!

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6. Julia Roberts Summer Salad

Julia Roberts Summer Salad

Here's a salad that will make you Mona Lisa Smile! Julia Roberts Summer Salad is a refreshing, fresh, and joyous one that is sure to Hook you in! Spinach is a perfect platform for sharp feta cheese and crunchy walnuts, as well as the tangy and smooth dressing! The Julia Roberts Summer Salad is destined to be America's Sweetheart, in part, because it is so quick and effortless to make!

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7. Lemon Dump Cake

Lemon Dump Cake (1)

When life is giving you too many lemons and you're craving a little zest, you must make this Lemon Dump Cake! Your sour days will disappear as you dip your fork into this refreshingly creamy, richly citrusy, emphatically fluffy treat. Nothing can bring you down after something so delightful! Bring the light back into your life with this bright and shiny Lemon Dump Cake!

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8. Lazy Peach Cobbler

Lazy Peach Cobbler 2

We love a lazy recipe... especially one that tastes just about as good as the original, all while requiring way less time to throw it together. This Lazy Peach Cobbler is one of our favorites. It's got all the sweet, syrupy, cinnamon-y flavors we all know and love, but rather than peeling and prepping too much, you just heat everything up a bit and then dump it right in the dish. And same goes for that buttery, crumbly crust. A little mixing here and a little sprinkle there, and bam. Your sweet treat is ready for its 30 minutes in the oven. We love to dollop a creamy scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of our Lazy Peach Cobbler... but hey, you can do whatever you want!

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9. Crack Quesadilla

Crack Quesadilla

It's hard to find a quesadilla more appetizing and more enticing than this Crack Quesadilla! These little triangles hide a deceptive depth of flavors, with pockets of spicy, savory taco meat, melty cheese, sharp onion, and bright tomatoes pan-seared together for an incredible flavor packed into each bite! Bite into Crack Quesadilla and get ready to crack a smile!

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10. Pumpkin Dump Cake

Pumpkin Dump Cake

Dump cakes have become all the rage lately since their simplicity and great taste make them easy desserts anyone can love. The Pumpkin Dump Cake embraces the autumnal season in full while never forgetting to take it easy! A layer of creamy, fragrantly spiced pumpkin pie filling rests beneath a buttery, golden brown cake layer and, if your whimsy so desires, a dollop of whipped cream! All you need to do is mix, dump, bake, and voila! Just like magic, the Pumpkin Dump Cake appears in its fall-festiveness, ready to impress! It's a snap to make and a snap to eat. This is one baking trend that's sure to amaze for a long time!

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11. Fall Apple Crisp

Fall Apple Crisp

Sometimes you just can't beat the classics! Fall Apple Crisp is exactly the apple crisp you've been hoping to have this season; jammy, sweetened apples bring the mellow, fruity sweetness to the crumbly, crunchy, crust. You'll just love crunching and munching on Fall Apple Crisp while watching the leaves fall! Make sure you have plenty of ice cream on hand, because it just pairs so well with it!

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12. Christmas Eve Sandwiches

Christmas Eve Sandwiches

Oh, what to do to keep the Christmas magic going between breakfast and dinner on the day before the big day (especially when there's lots to do)! You need something special to maintain the mealtime magic! That's where Christmas Eve Sandwiches come in: it's hard to get more festive than homemade buttery biscuits, serving as the bread for a delicious ham sandwich! For its own holiday sweater, Christmas Eve Sandwiches wears a tangy, sweet, and slightly sour apricot mustard. Mmm, that just sounds like a happy holiday!

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What recipes are you eager to try from 2023?

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