Eerie Details About The Manson Family Murders You Didn't Know

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The Manson Family Murders left an indelible mark on American history. The Manson Family was responsible for nine confirmed murders, including that of the pregnant actress Sharon Tate, her unborn child, and four other individuals in Tate's Los Angeles home. The culprits? Members of a cult led by the enigmatic Charles Manson.

Let's explore the depths of these crimes:

3 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Manson Family Murders-1 Charles Manson's 1968 mugshot.

Manson Family Murders: Timeline

3 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Manson Family Murders-2 Photo of murdered actress Sharon Tate from the 1967 film "Valley of the Dolls".

Before we delve into the lesser-known facts about the Manson Family Murders, here's a timeline of their confirmed crimes:

  • July 1, 1969: Charles Manson shoots Bernard "Lotsapoppa" Crowe in Los Angeles, mistakenly believing he had killed a Black Panther.
  • July 25-27, 1969: Gary Hinman is killed in Topanga by Manson followers over a supposed inheritance.
  • August 8, 1969: Manson directs followers to kill Sharon Tate (who was pregnant) and four others in Los Angeles.
  • August 9, 1969: Manson's followers brutally murder Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in Los Feliz, leaving behind blood-written messages.
  • Late August 1969: Manson Family kills Donald "Shorty" Shea at Spahn Ranch. His remains were found in 1977.

Now, let's explore some lesser-known shocking facts about the Manson Family Murders:

Fact 1. The Songbird Connection: Manson and the Beach Boys

3 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Manson Family Murders-3 Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys 1968.

There's an unexpected connection between the Beach Boys and Charles Manson. The band recorded a song penned by Manson himself. Though the lyrics were tweaked and the name was changed, Manson's influence was unmistakable. However, upon realizing his words had been altered, Manson reacted with pure fury. His way of expressing discontent? He left a bullet on Dennis Wilson's bed. Now that's a grim album note!

Fact 2. A Disturbing Trade: Manson for a Pitcher of Beer?!

Manson's early life, marked by neglect and instability, was tumultuous. But here's a fact that's almost too shocking to believe: his own mother reportedly traded him for a pitcher of beer. It took the intervention of his uncle to untangle him from this harrowing exchange. Who could have foreseen the dark path he would later tread?

Fact 3. A Grisly Sign-Off After the Murders

3 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Manson Family Murders-4 2001 mugshot taken of Susan Atkins who wrote a chilling message in blood.

After the shocking murder of Sharon Tate and her guests, Manson instructed his followers to "leave a sign... something witchy." Susan Atkins wrote "PIG" on the door using Tate's blood. The Manson Family Murders are riddled with buried tales, reminding us of the hidden depths in notorious crimes.

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