This is Why Everyone's Talking About Taylor Swift

5 Reasons Taylor Swift Will Never Go Out Of ‘Style’

You see her everywhere these days. From the news about her record-breaking "The Eras Tour" that made her a billionaire, to the buzz about what album she's re-recording next, to the thrill surrounding her new NFL® star boyfriend—the hype is real. And it always seems like there's something new her cult-like fans, known as "Swifties," are obsessing over.

But what is it about her that really makes the world forever and always so enchanted by her? Let's unpack it!

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She's 'Our Song' Writer

Taylor has written every single one of her songs. Yep, that's right. It's uncommon these days in the music industry, so it's something she prides herself on. And you can't blame her because she's really, really good at it.

Her lyrics often feature a blend of highly relatable and beautifully poetic lyrics telling a story – typically sung over a glossy, pop beat making you want to dance. A soundtrack to the lives of many, she's skilled at using detailed metaphors and imagery to express exactly what her listeners are feeling. Sure, there are songs about romance and heartbreak, but when you dive into her full discography, you'll see there's so much more to it. If you've felt it, there's most likely a Taylor Swift song about it.

So, the next time you're gettin' down to one of her sick beats, pay close attention to the words and you'll see just how talented she is.

She's a 'Lover' of Her Fans

It's a true love story when it comes to Taylor and the way she feels about her Swifties. She's constantly thanking her fans and acknowledging she wouldn't have her success without them. But she uses more than just words to share the love.

You'll often hear stories of her team reaching out to super fans who have caught her eye, inviting them to attend things like secret listening sessions at her house before releasing a new album, or the debut viewing of her newest, self-directed music video.

If you want to hear for yourself just how much she adores them, listen to "Long Live (Taylor's Version)" – and try not to cry happy tears.

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She's a 'Mastermind'

Aside from her songwriting talent, her ability to be so detail-oriented might just be her most iconic characteristic. Everything she touches is well thought out, sometimes even three years beforehand, and is doused in an incredible amount of detail.

Her albums always have a theme, her music videos always have hidden messages, and her tours always have tons of props and lots of outfit changes. She uses all of this to leave "Easter eggs," or hidden clues, to fans who spend hours decoding them so they can guess her next project, like when she's dropping a new album or when the opening night of her tour will be.

It's created a game-like experience between the two of them, and it's a big way she delights her fans and has kept them captivated for so many years.

She's Had 'The Best Day(s)' With You

It's been a long time comin' for Taylor and her fame.

Her first self-titled album was released in 2006 when she was only 16. That success was the start of creating her fanbase which consisted of many who, at the time, were nearly the same age as her.

She has released nine more original studio albums since then, all of which have captured her current emotions and experiences over the years. A lot of these fans have bonded so deeply with her music because they were navigating similar times in their lives while listening, creating memories and feeling like they grew up with her.

Now, Taylor is in her 30s, as are many of her fans, and those Swifites are passing along their love for her to their children. Thus, her music is bringing sweet memories, past and present, to her original group of fans, and it's creating a new bond and phenomenon for a whole new set of "Baby Swifties."

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She's a 'Superstar'

She can write award-winning songs; she can sing; she can perform unlike any other; she's wildly creative; she's dipping her toe into directing and creating with film; she's a strategic businesswoman. She's way more than just the creator of a bouncy pop song about never getting back together with a boy who broke her heart. Love her or hate her, you can't deny there are some impressive qualities about her, leading to her earth-shattering success.

But wait... in true Taylor fashion, we had to give some bonus facts because we obviously had to get to her favorite: Lucky number 13.

So, a few more reasons why she will always hit different:

  • She knows how to shake things off and uses any bad blood as an opportunity to make something new and reinvent herself, like re-recording her work so she can own the creative rights.
  • She loves her family and keeps them close. You can often find at least one of her parents in the crowd wherever she's performing.
  • She supports new artists and provides them with amazing opportunities, like featuring them in her music or selecting them as the opening act at her concerts.
  • Her shows are so phenomenal they deserve another shout out. They're truly thrilling. Think Broadway meets flashy, fun pop concert... with fireworks and lots of confetti.
  • She takes care of her people. Not only does she love her fans, but she makes sure her team gets what they need and then some, like the time she gave her semi-truck drivers a big bonus hand-delivered by her father.
  • Her "eras." From country, to pop, to folk, she's got songs in lots of genres, so you're bound to find one to fit your style. Fans are encouraged to dress up like one when attending her concerts.
  • She's herself – kind to everyone and not afraid to have fun. You can often find her dancing in the crowd at awards shows while everyone else is sitting down.
  • Her fandom. It's not uncommon for two strangers who are "Swifties" to meet at a show and become real-life friends. She encourages fans to make and trade friendship bracelets, creating a lasting bond and incredible memories.

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You can best believe she's still bejeweled and she'll be around for a while, whether in your earbuds, on the big screen, or on stage at a stadium near you. The best is yet to come for Taylor Swift.

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