5 Youngest Olympians in History to Compete

5 Youngest Olympians to Compete-1

Dive into the extraordinary tales of the five youngest Olympians who leaped, skated, and swam their way into history books before even hitting their Sweet 16s! These prodigies didn't just compete against the best in the world; they set records, won medals, and achieved global fame while most kids their age were navigating middle school. Get ready to be amazed, inspired (and perhaps a bit envious) as we reveal how these young stars turned their early dreams into Olympic glory.

5. Kim Yun-Mi

5 Youngest Olympians to Compete-2

  • Age: 13
  • Country: South Korea
  • Event: Speed Skating

At 13, Kim Yun-Mi from South Korea became the youngest Winter Olympic champion, winning gold in speed skating's 3,000-meter relay at the 1994 Lillehammer Games.

4. Donna Elizabeth de Varona

5 Youngest Olympians to Compete-3

  • Age: 13
  • Country: United States
  • Event: Swimming

At the 1960 Olympics, Donna Elizabeth, aged 13 years and 129 days, swam in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay qualifiers, helping her team reach the finals where they secured a gold medal.

3. Inge Sørensen

5 Youngest Olympians to Compete-4

  • Age: 12
  • Country: Denmark
  • Event: Swimming

Inge became the youngest female Olympic medalist on record when she earned the bronze in the 200-meter breaststroke at the 1936 Olympics. She followed this with a gold medal victory in 1938.

2. The 1928 Italian Gymnastics Team

  • Ages: 11 and 12
  • Country: Italy
  • Event: Gymnastics

During the 1928 Olympics, three incredibly youthful gymnasts represented Italy: 11-year-old Luigina Giavotti, and 12-year-olds Ines Vercesi and Carla Marangoni.

1. Dimitrios Loundras

5 Youngest Olympians to Compete-5

  • Age: 10
  • Country: Greece
  • Event: Gymnastics

Dimitrios Loundras competed in Athens at the inaugural modern Olympics in 1896 at just 10 years old. Competing in the sport of gymnastics, he secured a bronze medal with his team, earning him the distinction of the youngest Olympic athlete on record since then.

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