A Wild Lunch Date: Deer Makes Surprising Entrance at Local Eatery

A Wild Lunch Date- Deer Makes Surprising Entrance at Local Eatery

On an ordinary Tuesday, diners at Noodles & Company® in Beloit, Wisconsin, experienced an extraordinary event. A wild buck, seemingly intrigued by the restaurant's offerings, made an unexpected entrance, creating a stir among the patrons, particularly a group of middle schoolers enjoying their lunch.

Deer's Dramatic Entry and Exploration

The incident, captured on video, involved the deer crashing through a window, causing a commotion in the dining area. Blanchet reports the animal spent about a minute inside the establishment, wandering from the dining room to the kitchen, and eventually exiting through the back door, assisted by an employee. This brief visit left the diners and staff in awe of the unusual patron.

Manager's Reaction and Safety Measures

Patti Pickering, the restaurant manager, recounted the incident to Madison, Wisconsin news station WMTV, describing the deer as "pretty large". She initially mistook the crashing sound for an accident caused by one of the students. Pickering emphasized the safety of the customers, especially the children, who were quickly evacuated from the premises.

No Harm Done

Despite the startling nature of the visit, no one was injured. Pickering humorously noted the deer narrowly missed a pan of freshly prepared meatballs. The manager later quipped, "The food is so good even the deer want to eat here," highlighting the restaurant's appeal in a light-hearted manner.

Restaurant's Creative Response

In response to this unexpected visit, Noodles & Company demonstrated a sense of humor and marketing genius by offering a "2 Buck Mac & Cheese" special the following day, encouraging customers to "save some doe".

What's the takeaway from this wild lunchtime tale? This deer dropping in on Noodles & Company is more than just a crazy story; it's proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor. The Noodles & Company crew should be commended for turning a "deer in the headlights" moment into a marketing win with their cheeky pasta deal. Remember, next time you're dining out, keep your eyes peeled – you never know when wildlife might decide to join the party!

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Reference: Wild Buck Busts into Restaurant During Lunch Rush: 'Even the Deer Want to Eat Here'

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