Barking News: This is America's New Favorite Dog

Barking News: This is America's New Favorite Dog-1

There's a new top dog in town! After a remarkable 31-year reign as America's favorite canine, the beloved Labrador retriever has been usurped by the charming and compact French bulldog. This surprising shift in pet popularity marks a new chapter in America's dog-loving history. Learn more about the charismatic French bulldog breed and fall in love with this popular pup!

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A New Champion Emerges

For more than three decades, the labrador retriever has held the esteemed title of America's most adored dog breed. However, recent data from the American Kennel Club (AKC) unveils a groundbreaking change in the rankings.

In 2022, the French bulldog leapt to the forefront, captivating hearts with its distinctive charm and suitability for city living.

The French Bulldog's Ascent

A decade ago, French bulldogs ranked at a modest #14 on the AKC's list. Fast forward to 2022, and their popularity has skyrocketed, with registrations increasing by a staggering 1,000%. This meteoric rise is a testament to their appeal and a shifting preference among dog lovers for breeds that fit a more urban lifestyle.

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Celebrity Influence and Media Spotlight

The French bulldog's resurgence in popularity owes much to high-profile endorsements and media attention. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Reese Witherspoon, among others, have been vocal about their love for the breed, further propelling its fame. Moreover, a French bulldog named Winston captured the spotlight in the dog show circuit, securing prestigious wins and making headlines.

A Breed Suited for Modern Living

The AKC and enthusiasts praise French bulldogs for their adaptability to city living, modest grooming needs, and affable nature. Their distinctive looks and personality blend humor with affection, making them particularly appealing to apartment dwellers and those seeking a low-maintenance companion. They are perfect for space-efficient apartments and short walks on city blocks.

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Reference: Sorry, Labradors. After 31 years, America has a new favorite dog

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