Beyond the Rhinestones: 10 Interesting Facts About Dolly Parton

Beyond the Rhinestones- 10 Interesting Facts About Dolly Parton-1

Dolly Parton, the rhinestone-studded queen of country music, has graced the world with her iconic presence for decades. But there's a lot more to Dolly than meets the eye. Join us as we explore 10 fun facts about the 78-year-old superstar.

1. Her Birth Was Paid for With Oatmeal

Dolly Parton grew up in a two-room cabin in Sevierville, Tennessee, alongside her parents and 11 siblings. The family's financial struggles were so great that her father, a tobacco farmer, reportedly paid for Dolly's birth with a sack of oatmeal. Despite these circumstances, Dolly has always been proud of her upbringing.

2. She Eats Pie Instead of Cake on Her Birthday

While cake may be the norm for birthdays, Dolly breaks this tradition. Parton, who has never been a big fan of cake, prefers pie on her birthday. Her favorite is chess pie.

3. She is Miley Cyrus' Godmother

Parton's connection with Billy Ray Cyrus dates back to the 90s when he opened for some of her shows. After getting to know each other and bonding over their country roots, Billy Ray asked Parton to be the godmother to his daughter, Miley.

4. Parton Has Been Married for More Than 55 years

Parton and her husband, Carl Dean Thomas, have been married for a lifetime. The two met in Nashville outside the Wishy Washy Laundromat, were married two years later on May 30, 1966, and have been going strong ever since.

5. 'Jolene' Was Partially Inspired by a Bank Teller

"Jolene" stands as one of Parton's greatest hits, which draws inspiration from a real-life incident involving a bank teller who flirted with Parton's husband, Carl Dean. The name "Jolene" itself was inspired when Dolly encountered a pretty fan with red hair and green eyes, details that would later find their way into the song's lyrics. The fan's name was Jolene, which Parton thought sounded like a song.

6. She Lost a Dolly Parton Look-Alike Contest

Parton's look is unmistakable, often being described as flashy and flamboyant. But despite her iconic appearance, she lost a look-alike contest on Santa Monica Boulevard one Halloween. Surrounded by contestants dressed as her, she chose to exaggerate her appearance, only to find that she didn't win.

7. Parton Has Tattoos

Fans have long debated about whether or not Dolly has any tattoos and why she would hide them. While she's not a self-proclaimed "tattoo girl," she did admit to having multiple small tattoos, but not for the reason you may think. Following a period of illness that required the use of a feeding tube and resulted in visible scars, Parton chose to get tattoos as a means of cover-up. The designs include ribbons, bows, and butterflies.

8. She Has Her Own Theme Park

Dollywood, Dolly's theme park, first opened its gates in 1961 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, and pays tribute to the country music star's childhood fantasies. While the park offers an exciting assortment of roller coasters and water rides, Parton herself has never dared to experience them for herself, saying she gets motion sickness and confessing to being "a little bit chicken."

9. She Sleeps in Her Makeup

While beauty experts agree it's best to remove your makeup before bedtime, Dolly Parton does the opposite. Why? Dolly told The New York Times in 2019, "You never know if you're going to wreck the bus, you never know if you're going to be somewhere in a hotel and there's going to be a fire. So I leave my makeup on at night and clean my face in the morning".

10. She Holds Multiple Guinness World Records

Dolly is no stranger to awards, but did you know she holds multiple world records? From one for the most decades with a Top 20 hit on the US Hot Country Songs chart to the most hits on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart by a female artist, Dolly holds a total of 10 Guinness World Records.

Dolly Parton is a living legend with a career that spans generations and continues to captivate audiences with her extraordinary talent and charisma. Beyond the glittering stage persona and the well-known achievements, these fun facts paint a more intimate portrait of the incredible woman behind the bust.

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