Critically Endangered Gorilla Born in London

Critically Endangered Gorilla Born in London-1

In an uplifting event that's captured hearts worldwide, the London Zoo recently celebrated the arrival of a critically endangered western lowland gorilla. The touching first moments showing Mjukuu, the newborn's mother, tenderly cradling her baby are nothing short of magical.

A Joyous Arrival

On Jan. 17, 2024, the London Zoo's gorilla troop welcomed a tiny yet significant new member. Mjukuu, an experienced mother, gave birth to her second child following a remarkably swift 17-minute labor, a momentous occasion given the critically endangered status of western lowland gorillas.

As reported by Good News Network, Primates Section Manager Kathryn Sanders shared "After a very quick labour, Mjukuu was spotted on camera tenderly holding her newborn and demonstrating her wonderful mothering instincts – cleaning her infant and checking it over."

A Mother's Touch

Immediately after the birth, Mjukuu's maternal instincts shone brightly as she gently cradled her infant, an act of love and protection. Sanders shared how CCTV captured these intimate moments, showcasing Mjukuu's tender care for her newborn, from cleaning to meticulous inspection.

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Curiously inspecting the newest member of their family.

Conservation Hope

The newborn's father, Kiburi, joined the London Zoo family from Tenerife in November 2022 as part of a concerted effort to preserve the genetic diversity of western lowland gorillas. This birth not only adds to the zoo's troop, but also represents a beacon of hope for the species, highlighting the importance of international breeding programs in combating their decline.

Community Celebration

Sanders expressed the collective joy of the zoo staff, noting the palpable excitement and curiosity from the gorilla troop's other members, Alika and Gernot, as they greeted the newest addition. The zoo plans to give the family time to bond, with the troop eagerly adjusting to its newest member.

"To say we're happy about this new arrival would be a huge understatement," said Sanders. "We've all been walking around grinning from ear to ear. We'll be giving mum and baby lots of time and space to get to know each other, and for the rest of the troop to get used to their new addition. They're as excited as we are and can't stop staring at the baby".

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