Fast-Food Fairy Tale: Couple's Dream Wedding at Their Favorite Hamburger Spot!

Fast Food Fairy Tale- Couples Dream Wedding

Imagine finding hope in the most unexpected place. For Jamie West, it wasn't just about the food at a White Castle® restaurant: The fast-food chain represented a turning point in her challenging journey. This is the heartwarming story of how a hamburger chain became the backdrop for a fairy-tale wedding.

A Tough Start and a Kind Gesture

Jamie West's childhood was marked by instability and hardship. Entering the Arizona foster care system at age four, she faced numerous challenges, including homelessness as a preteen. Amidst these difficulties, an encounter at a White Castle in the southern United States provided a glimmer of hope. A compassionate employee offered West food and kindness, marking the beginning of her special connection with the fast-food chain.

Journey to Stability

West's life was a rollercoaster of moving across the country, seeking work, and overcoming personal challenges. During her teens, she often sought refuge in White Castle restaurants, finding them to be safe havens. This period of her life was a test of resilience, leading to significant personal growth.

Meeting Her Future Partner

In her 20s, back in Arizona, West's life took a positive turn when she met Drew Schmitt. Together, they established a successful roofing business, Schmitt Roofing. Their shared entrepreneurial spirit and hard work laid the foundation for their future together.

A White Castle Engagement

The couple's engagement was as unique as their story. In 2019, when White Castle opened its first Arizona location, West and Schmitt, dressed in renaissance attire, celebrated the event. The couple's dedication to the franchise earned them a spot in the White Castle Hall of Fame – with their engagement taking place during the ceremony.

The Ultimate White Castle Wedding

Their wedding was a true reflection of their journey – held at a White Castle. The bride wore a stunning blue gown, and the groom donned custom leather armor. Guests enjoyed a feast of sliders and a slider-shaped wedding cake, symbolizing the couple's journey and their shared love for White Castle.

Jamie West's story, from a homeless teen to a happily married business owner, is a testament to the power of kindness and resilience. White Castle played an unexpected but pivotal role in her life, demonstrating how small acts of kindness can have a lasting impact.

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Reference: White Castle wedding: The emotional reason this couple got hitched at the hamburger restaurant.

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