Flushed but Not Forgotten: Woman's Ring Makes a 13-Year Journey Back Home!

Flushed but Not Forgotten — Woman's Ring Makes a 13-Year Journey Back Home! image

In an incredible tale of lost and found, a woman's diamond ring, flushed down the toilet 13 years ago, miraculously found its way back to her. This story, as reported by Portée, is brimming with serendipity and near-impossible odds, unfolding at a Minnesota regional water treatment plant, where the unexpected discovery was made.

The Disappearance

The saga began when Mary Strand, celebrating her 33rd wedding anniversary in 2010, received a diamond ring from her husband, Dave. However, a routine day turned tragic when the ring slipped off her finger and into their home's toilet. Despite her frantic attempts to retrieve it, the ring was lost to the plumbing depths.

A Sparkling Discovery

Fast forward to March of 2023, workers at the Rogers, Minnesota water treatment plant stumbled upon a glittering surprise amid the debris. John Tierney, a mechanical maintenance manager, noticed a unique sparkle. Recognizing the ring's distinct design, he believed it could be returned to its rightful owner.

Social Media to the Rescue

The Metropolitan Council took to social media, posting about the discovery and urging people to come forward if they had lost a wedding ring down the drain. The response was overwhelming, with hundreds calling in. Two local jewelers were roped in to examine photos submitted by hopeful callers, and finally, a match was made: It was Strand's ring.

Coincidentally, the ring was found at the plant located on Diamond Lake Road. Damaged but salvageable, the ring is now back with Strand, who plans to have it reset for her upcoming 46th anniversary. This remarkable journey of a small, cherished item underscores the unexpected paths life can take.

The story is not just about the return of a lost object, but also a testament to the enduring nature of love and memories, symbolized by the ring's survival through years of being lost. Furthermore, this incident highlights the incredible work of the water treatment plant employees, whose keen observation and thoughtful actions brought about a joyful reunion. In essence, this heartwarming tale reminds us that sometimes, the most extraordinary events occur in the most ordinary of places.

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