Fourth Grader's Sweet Solution to World Hunger and Homelessness

A Fourth Grader's Sweet Solution to World Hunger and Homelessness. Image

In the bustling streets of Manhattan, a heartwarming story unfolds as 9-year-old Julian Lin serves seasonal beverages with a mission to combat hunger and homelessness. This young entrepreneur's journey, starting from a small lemonade stand, has now transformed into a beacon of hope and generosity in the face of adversity.

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A Small Stand With a Big Heart

Julian's venture began modestly with lemonade during Maui's wildfire crisis. His empathy-driven mission soon evolved, and today, his hot chocolate stand is a winter highlight in New York City, complete with delightful toppings and a dash of kindness.

Meeting Julian Lin: A Child With a Cause

As ABC News reports, Julian's favorite aspect is "the experience of getting to know people". His stand isn't just about delicious drinks; it's about community, connection, and caring.

More Than Just a Beverage

Beyond the charm of his stand, Julian's dedication to social causes is profound. He donates a significant portion of his earnings to charities like the Best Friends Animal Society and directly assists the homeless in his community.

From Maui Fires to Manhattan Streets

Julian's inspiration sparked from the devastation of the Lahaina wildfires in Maui. His efforts raised more than $11,000, providing direct aid to affected families, including his friend Ryan Chagas.

Julian's Vision: A World Without Hunger or Homelessness

Appearing on "Good Morning America," Julian shared his ambitious goal: To eradicate world hunger and homelessness. His approach to business is not just about profit, but about making a tangible impact on society.

Reference: 9-year-old serves seasonal drinks to combat hunger homelessness

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