How a Netflix® Series Made This 12-Year-Old a Hero

How a Netflix Series Inspired a 12-Year-Old to Become a Hero-1

In an extraordinary turn of events, a 12-year-old boy from Wellington, Palm Beach County, proved that heroes come in all sizes. Austen MacMillan's quick thinking and brave actions saved the life of his behavioral therapist, Jason Piquette, in a near-fatal drowning incident. This remarkable story highlights the unpredictability of life-threatening situations and the importance of emergency response knowledge, even among youths.

An Unlikely Teacher: "Stranger Things" the Show

Austen MacMillan, a young enthusiast of the popular Netflix® show "Stranger Things", never imagined that his favorite TV series would provide him with life-saving skills. In an interview, Austen recalled learning the basics of CPR from an episode of the show, a skill he would later use in a critical real-life situation.

The Fateful Day

While engaging in a swimming exercise, which included holding breath challenges with his therapist, Jason Piquette, a routine session turned perilous. Piquette, attempting to push his limits, lost consciousness underwater. Austen, realizing the gravity of the situation, quickly dragged Piquette to the shallow end of the pool. He then initiated CPR, a procedure he learned from a television show, which ultimately saved Piquette's life. Piquette later expressed his disbelief at being alive, acknowledging that without Austen's intervention, the outcome would have been tragic.

The Role Reversal: From Care Receiver to Life Saver

In a poignant reflection of the incident, Piquette noted the role reversal that occurred. Typically, as Austen's behavioral therapist, it was his responsibility to care for Austen. However, in those critical moments, Austen became the caretaker, demonstrating maturity and bravery beyond his years.

Family's Pride and the Community's Admiration

Austen's family expressed immense pride in his courageous act. His mother, Christian MacMillan, praised his bravery, while his sister, Anastasia, highlighted the importance of being prepared for unexpected situations. This incident has not only brought the family closer, but also made Austen a local hero, admired by the community for his heroic deed.

Austen MacMillan's story is a testament to the impact of presence of mind and the importance of basic life-saving skills. It underscores that age is not a barrier to performing heroic acts and that sometimes, the most unlikely sources, such as a television show, can provide life-saving knowledge. Austen's brave actions serve as an inspiration and a reminder of the unpredictability of life and the value of being prepared for any situation.

Reference: Wellington boy, 12, saves drowning man, says he learned CPR from 'Stranger Things'

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