How One Man's Scheme Swindled Millions From McDonald's®

One Man's Scheme Swindled Millions from McDonald's-1

Have you ever fantasized about striking it rich while munching on your favorite fast-food meal? For many, this dream seemed close to reality with the McDonald's® Monopoly game. But beneath the veneer of fun and instant wins lies a darker truth — a multi-million-dollar scam that defied belief.

The Mastermind Behind the Scam

Jerome P. Jacobson, an ex-police officer turned security head for Simon Marketing, orchestrated a sophisticated scheme to rig McDonald's Monopoly game. From the mid-90s, Jacobson manipulated the distribution of winning game pieces to people he knew, sharing in their illicit gains. Fast-Food, Fast-Fraud- How One Man-s Scheme Swindled Millions from McDonald-s-2 Jerome P. Jacobson: The mastermind behind the McDonald's Monopoly scam

Unraveling the McDonald's Monopoly Fraud

Jacobson's plot capitalized on his role at Simon Marketing, the firm responsible for creating McDonald's game pieces. Ingeniously, he swapped winning pieces with regular ones in airport bathrooms, evading security protocols. The winning stickers were then distributed to a network of accomplices, leading to fraudulent claims of prizes. Fast-Food, Fast-Fraud- How One Man-s Scheme Swindled Millions from McDonald-s-3 An investigation by the FBI brought down the McDonald's Monopoly scam.

The Fall of a Fraudulent Empire

Despite Jacobson's efforts to remain undetected, a pattern of winners clustered in Georgia and Florida raised red flags. An FBI investigation, tipped off by a suspicious win, unraveled the scheme. In August 2001, Jacobson and his co-conspirators were apprehended, marking the end of a decade-long fraud.

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