Hulk Hogan Turns Real-Life Superhero in Tampa

Hulk Hogan Turns Real-Life Superhero in Tampa

When WWE® Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan witnessed a car flip right in front of him in Tampa, Florida, he didn't hesitate to leap into action. Alongside friend Jake Rask, Hogan embarked on a real-life rescue mission.

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A Night of Quick Thinking and Bravery

While leaving dinner in Tampa, Hulk Hogan and his wife, Sky Daily, were confronted with a scene straight out of an action movie: A car flipped upside down in the middle of the road. Hogan and his buddy Jake Rask sprang into action without a second thought, showcasing courage and quick thinking.

The Rescue

According to the Tampa Police Department, the incident occurred on the Veterans Expressway near exit 2A, leading toward Clearwater. The two men, Hogan and Rask, discovered a 17-year-old girl trapped inside the overturned vehicle.

In a tweet, Hogan revealed how, in the absence of a knife to cut through the airbags, he used a ballpoint pen to free the teenager from her precarious position, later expressing his gratitude to God for the safety of all involved.

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A Miraculous Escape

The teenage girl emerged from the accident remarkably unscathed, which Daily attributes to a miracle in her Facebook post. The cause of the crash is still under investigation, but the community has been quick to praise Hogan and Rask's heroic efforts.

An online comment highlighted the surreal experience of being rescued by the wrestling legend, playing on Hogan's famous catchphrase: "Imagine flipping your car, and the first thing you hear is 'you all right, brother?!'".

Heroes Among Us

Rask reflected on the incident with humility, emphasizing the fortunate timing of their presence. The community has celebrated both men for their bravery and quick action.

Taking a break from the wrestling ring, Hulk Hogan showed that heroism knows no bounds, turning a potential tragedy into a story of hope and quick action.

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