Maury Delivers Wild Paternity Results at Denver Zoo

Maury Delivers Wild Paternity Results at Denver Zoo

In an unexpected twist of fate, the Denver Zoo turned to none other than Maury Povich, the king of paternity reveals, to solve a wild mystery. The identity of a baby orangutan's father had the staff stumped, leading to a momentous reveal capturing hearts and headlines.

A Wild Paternity Puzzle

The Denver Zoo faced a unique challenge with the birth of Siska, a four-month-old Sumatran orangutan whose paternal lineage was a puzzle. The potential fathers, 30-year-old Berani and 16-year-old Jaya, left the zoo in a bind, prompting a creative solution.

Enter Maury Povich

Renowned for his dramatic paternity test reveals on television, Maury Povich was enlisted by the zoo to bring his signature flair to the animal kingdom. Donning a tuxedo and wielding a manilla envelope, Povich prepared to announce the awaited results in a fashion reminiscent of his iconic talk show moments.

The Big Reveal

In a video posted by Denver Zoo on X, formerly known as Twitter, Povich declares, "Bernai, You ARE the father." The zoo further replicated the show's style of exciting reveals with a split screen of the orangutan contenders and staff cheering, mirroring the enthusiasm of Povich's typical audience response.

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Maury's Legacy

Just days before this unique zoo collaboration, Povich reflected on his legacy at the Daytime Emmys, where he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. His role in pop culture, punctuated by the memorable phrases "you are the father" and "you are not the father," remains a significant aspect of his public identity. The Denver Zoo's paternity mystery became a moment of shared joy and entertainment, thanks to Maury Povich's unexpected cameo.

Reference: The Denver Zoo didn't know who the father of a baby orangutan was.

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