McDonald's® Latest Hit Is Chess, Not Just Fries!

Bringing Hearts and Minds Together: McDonald's Latest Hit is Chess, Not Just Fries!-1

At the McDonald's® on Kenmount Road in St. John's, a city in New Brunswick, Canada, a fascinating change is brewing. Beyond the usual fare of burgers and fries, this fast-food giant has introduced a stimulating twist: Chess nights. This innovative move is transforming the way customers perceive and enjoy their McDonald's experience.

Chess: A Modern Magnet for Diverse Crowds

Melissa Hayes, the restaurant's manager, reveals these chess nights are attracting a wide range of participants, from students to elderly adults. The initiative began as a one-off event but quickly evolved into a regular attraction, proving that even in a fast-paced industry, traditional games like chess have the power to draw people in.

Breaking Age Barriers: From Toddlers to Seniors

Notably, Kenmount Road's McDonald's is the only franchise in Canada to host chess on its Family Fun Night. Here, age is just a number, with players participating in the game range in age from 4 to 85. This diverse age range highlights the universal appeal of chess and McDonald's innovative approach to community engagement.

Building Relationships Beyond Fast Food

Hayes emphasizes the underlying goal of these chess nights is not just to serve food but to foster community relationships. Some families are regulars at these events, finding them an excellent way to bond and stimulate the mind.

Volunteers Fueling the Chess Movement

Local retiree and chess enthusiast Randy Green was instrumental in starting these chess gatherings. His vision of creating an inclusive space for chess lovers aligns perfectly with McDonald's community-focused values.

McDonald's on Kenmount Road has redefined the concept of a family restaurant by incorporating intellectual stimulation into its dining experience. This unique blend of fast food and chess creates a community space where people of all ages can engage, learn, and connect.

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