Restaurant Fed the Community for Free During the Pandemic — Now This Happens

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In a heartwarming turn of events, an Austin, Texas, restaurant has seen the seeds of kindness it sowed within its community grow into a forest of support when it faced the brink of closure. The owners of Nixta Taqueria, known for their altruistic initiative of a community fridge, have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and financial aid from those they've helped feed.

A Beacon of Generosity

In 2019, Edgar Rico and Sara Mardanbigi embarked on a culinary venture with a mission, opening Nixta Taqueria in East Austin, a neighborhood crying out for fresh, nutritious food options. Their response to the area's food desert status was not just to serve delectable meals, but to nourish their community through thick and thin.

The Free Fridge Initiative

The pandemic could have spelled disaster for many, but Rico and Mardanbigi turned it into an opportunity to serve. They launched the Austin Free Fridge Program at their restaurant, replenishing it tirelessly with meals and essentials, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to their neighbors' well-being.

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Facing Closure With Courage

Summer brought unforeseen challenges, with a critical electrical issue threatening Nixta Taqueria's survival. The couple sought help via GoFundMe, where the community's response was nothing short of miraculous, smashing their $80,000 target within days.

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Unwavering Support

The gratitude and encouragement flowing from patrons and strangers alike underscored the profound impact of Rico and Mardanbigi's generosity. The Nixta Taqueria owners are happy to continue the free fridge running to keep bellies full and hearts warm in their neighborhood.

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Reference: Restaurant Feeds Community With Free Fridge–Then Gets Paid Back When Business Faces Closure in Austin, Texas.

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