The World's Oldest Surfer

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At 90 years young, Sano Seiichi isn't just riding the waves; he's rewriting the rulebook on aging and adventure. Recognized as the world's oldest surfer by the Guinness World Records, Sano's journey from a late bloomer to a surfing sensation is inspirational.

The Unlikely Journey to Surfing Stardom

Sano Seiichi's path to becoming the world's oldest surfer is as unexpected as it is inspiring. Born in Hokkaido, Japan, in 1933, Sano's early life was marked by Japan's challenging post-war years, which led him through various jobs before he founded his own business in the timber industry. But it wasn't until he turned 80 that Sano plunged into the world of surfing — a decision that would eventually earn him a place in the Guinness World Records.

From Mount Fuji to Surfing Champion

Sano's adventurous spirit first led him to climb Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak. Surfing soon followed, sparked by a curiosity about the sport after a conversation with a suntanned bank manager. Despite his late start, Sano's dedication quickly set him apart, learning and mastering the art of surfing near the shores of Yokohama.

Breaking Records and Defying Expectations

At 89, Sano Seiichi was officially recognized as the "oldest person to surf (male)" but has also started adding jumps and stance switches to his repertoire, challenging and exceeding the capabilities of much younger surfers. His approach to surfing (a focus on enjoyment rather than competition) has enabled him to continually improve without the pressure of expectations.

A Lifestyle of Activity and Joy

Surfing is just one aspect of Sano's remarkably active lifestyle. Regular 10-kilometer walks, running a small business, and a love for singing, especially Charles Aznavour songs, fill his days with variety and fulfillment. His commitment to living life on his terms, exploring new passions, and maintaining physical activity serves as a testament to the limitless potential of aging.

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Sano Seiichi's story proves it's never too late to pursue new passions or redefine what's possible at any age.

"I always thought of myself as a late bloomer," Sano shared with "I am an unreliable person, but I firmly believe I am a late bloomer, always believing that someday I can be somebody. I don't care what other people say about me. I'm doing whatever I want."

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