This 40-Foot School Bus Became a Luxurious Traveling Home

This 40-Foot School Bus Become a Luxurious Traveling Home-1

Have you ever fantasized about leaving it all behind to explore the great unknown without sacrificing the comforts of home or the necessity of work?

Meet Josh and Emily Scherrer, a dynamic couple who transformed a 40-foot school bus into a breathtaking mobile home, proving that with a bit of creativity and elbow grease, the dream of combining work, home, and adventure into one seamless lifestyle is not just possible, but incredibly fulfilling.

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The Birth of 'Aurora the Adventure Bus'

Josh and Emily Scherrer, two engineers in their late 20s, found themselves at a crossroads when they fully transitioned to remote work in 2020. With a shared passion for travel, they embarked on an unconventional journey – converting a school bus into a mobile home dubbed "Aurora the Adventure Bus". Their story is not just about innovation; it's a testament to the pursuit of freedom and the redefinition of what it classifies as a home.

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A Labor of Love and Ingenuity

The transformation of an old school bus into a luxurious "skoolie" is a tale of vision, hard work, and perseverance. The couple dedicated their weekends and evenings to renovating the bus for 18 months, investing $80,000 into the project — a figure on the higher end for typical skoolie conversions. Yet the result is spectacular, featuring maple wood ceilings, a full-service kitchen, a shower, solar panels, and satellite internet.

The Cost of Freedom

While the Scherrers' mobile lifestyle eschews traditional expenses like plane tickets and hotel stays, it's not without its costs. Monthly diesel charges, insurance, satellite internet, and septic maintenance tally up, challenging the initial perception that skoolie life would be a cheaper alternative. However, the trade-offs have been worth it for the couple, who have journeyed to Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, soaking in diverse experiences and sights.

A Future Anchored in Mobility

Despite the unexpected expenses, the Scherrers found value in their mobile lifestyle, even purchasing land in Idaho for their future home base. Their adventures in "Aurora the Adventure Bus" enriched their 20s and equipped them with a unique vacation tool for future explorations.

"[Was it] worth it?!? YOU BET IT WAS!!!" Josh and Emily report, according to the Good News Network. "We wouldn't trade this lifestyle for anything! It's such a blessing to be able to work full time, spend lots of time with friends and family, and see the marvels of our country!"

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