This iPhone® Fell 16,000 Feet – And It Still Works!

The Unbelievable Journey of an iPhone Falling 16,000 Feet And It Still Works-1

Imagine dropping your phone from an airplane and finding it still works! This scenario sounds impossible, yet it astonishingly became a reality in a recent incident involving an Alaska Airlines® flight.

Picture this: You're flying thousands of feet in the air, the plane is cruising smoothly, and then suddenly, a door plug gives way. Chaos ensues as objects are sucked out into the sky, including an unsuspecting iPhone®.

Now, envision the sheer surprise and disbelief of stumbling upon a phone that just took a 16,000-foot free fall and discovering it's not only intact, but also functioning! Strap in as we dive into this astonishing story of resilience, technology, and a phone's unbelievable journey from the skies to the ground.

Unbelievable Incident in the Skies

During a seemingly routine Alaska Airlines flight, a door plug malfunctioned, leading to an extraordinary event. When a panel of the plane flew off, objects, including an iPhone, were sucked out of the aircraft, plummeting approximately 16,000 feet to the ground.

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The Discovery by Sean Bates

Sean Bates, a Washington resident, made headlines when he discovered the iPhone on a roadside. Incredibly, the phone was still in airplane mode, half-charged, and displaying a baggage claim for Alaska Airlines ASA1282. Bates' find sparked widespread attention and even caught the eye of celebrity Ryan Reynolds.

Viral Sensation and Aftermath

Bates' TikTok detailing the find went viral, prompting a response from Reynolds and his company, Mint Mobile. The bizarre incident raised questions about the durability of modern smartphones and the safety of the Boeing 737 Max 9, leading to FAA investigations and flight cancellations.

Reference: See the iPhone that survived getting sucked out of an Alaska Airlines plane and fell 16,000 feet

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