Top 10 Lowest-Paying Jobs in the U.S.

Top 10 Lowest-Paying Job in the USA-3

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A firefighter, policeman, astronaut, or doctor? While we all have imaginative career aspirations growing up, eventually we are faced with joining the workforce. And while not all jobs promise a hefty paycheck, these 10 lowest-paying jobs in the U.S. represent the lowest of the low. Let's explore.

1. Shampooers

The lowest paying job in America, shampooers are often the first touchpoint at salons and work to clean, massage, and condition hair before it's cut or styled. Many shampooers are in training to become hair stylists or cosmetologists, with this junior position paying an average of only $25,160 a year.

Top 10 Lowest-Paying Job in the USA -1 Woman having hair shampooed. Shampooers work in salons to prep clients for haircuts and stylings.

2. Fast-Food Cooks

Cooks work to prepare food in a range of settings, from fast-food to fine dining. While the average annual salary for a cook is $31,630, fast-food cooks come in on the low end at an average of only $25,490. Private cooks, however, can earn $43,260 or more annually.

3. Restaurant Hosts

Hosts are responsible for several front-of-house duties, from seating guests to taking reservations and making sure customers feel welcome. Hosts have an average annual income of $26,000.

4. Fast-Food and Counter Workers

From restaurants to cafeterias and coffee shops, fast-food and counter workers have a number of food preparation and serving tasks, always working to ensure quick service. Fast-food and counter workers earn an average salary of $26,060 annually.

5. Amusement and Recreation Attendants

Working in recreation facilities, amusement and recreation attendants perform diverse duties to enhance the visitor experience and maintain the facilities. This can include concession sales, equipment rental, ride operation, and more. The average annual income for this position is $26,110.

Top 10 Lowest-Paying Job in the USA-2 Amusement park ride. Amusement attendants work to ensure a good experience for patrons.

6. Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers

Working at entertainment establishments, these individuals guide guests, collect tickets, and contribute to overall experiences. Earning an average annual income of $26,390, they play an important role in ensuring smooth operations in cinemas, concert halls, and theaters.

7. Cashiers

Cashiers are at the heart of every in-person retail transaction and play an important role in making sure sales go smoothly. Their primary responsibilities include receiving payment and providing change for customers. Full-time cashiers earn an average of $26,770 per year.

8. Recreational Protective Services

Whether at the pool, the beach, or on the ski slopes, recreational protective services personnel ensure the safety of recreational areas. Sometimes requiring certifications like first aid or CPR training, this position has an average annual salary of $27,320.

9. Dishwashers

From restaurants to cafeterias, dishwashers do the dishes so we don't have to. Often working in the kitchen and only leaving once the final dish is clean, dishwashers earn an average of $27,350 a year.

10. Childcare Workers

Childcare workers are responsible for caring for children. They may work for childcare centers or after-school programs and provide services such as feeding, bathing, and monitoring playtime. Childcare workers earn an average of $27,680 for full-time work.

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