Flower Girl Demands Do-Over for Couple's First Kiss

Flower Girl Demands Do-Over for Couple's First Kiss-1

Witness a delightful twist at a wedding that's taking the internet by storm! When a flower girl named Jolia takes the role of an unexpected critic during her aunt and uncle's first kiss, laughter and love fill the air. This heartwarming tale of innocence and joy is bound to bring a smile to your face.

A Critique at the Altar

Kara and Luca Petriello's wedding at St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church in Fort Erie, Ontario looked picture perfect. As the couple, who have been in love for nearly a decade, sealed their vows with a kiss, a little voice unexpectedly took center stage. Four-year-old Jolia, the flower girl, voiced her opinion on the kiss in a manner that no one saw coming.

An Honest Review

As the priest gave the cue, "You may kiss your bride," all eyes were on the couple. However, Jolia's reaction quickly shifted the attention. With a serious expression, she turned to the priest and remarked, "Bad kiss". This candid comment from the young flower girl left the priest, Kara and Luca, and all their guests in the audience bursting out in laughter, in a mixture of shock and amusement.

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Laughter and a Second Chance

The priest's reaction, "Bad kiss?! Wow! Jolia, we have to keep it rated G here. But I get your point, we want them to do it again? Let's do it again," amplified the comical situation, sending the congregation into fits of laughter. In a light-hearted turn of events, the couple tried their kiss again, this time Jolia's smile and a thumbs-up being the seal of acceptance. "That's a good one? Alright!" concluded the priest.

Kara said, "We are so glad to have that moment on film to relive forever. The response has been great – people can't get over how cute of a moment it is and how Jolia's personality shines through".

As Jolia's reaction goes viral, it serves as a hilarious example of how the smallest attendees can make a big impact at a wedding.

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