8 Things You'll Be Shocked Are Actually Legal!

8 Things You’ll Be Shocked Are Actually Legal!

Did you know there are things out there that, despite sounding utterly outrageous, are actually legal? From owning flamethrowers to driving tanks on public roads, the laws in some places will leave you scratching your head in disbelief!

1. Tanks on the Streets

Yes, you read that right. In the United States, owning and even driving a tank on public roads is perfectly legal, provided you have rubber tires and appropriate mirrors.

2. Texting While Driving? Only in West Virginia

While it's a big no-no in most places, texting and driving is actually legal in West Virginia. Talk about a distracted driving dilemma!

3. Hallucinogens at Your Disposal

Salvia divinorum, a powerful hallucinogenic, is legal to smoke in many countries. It's a member of the mint family but with much more intense effects.

4. Bare It All (On Top)

In most states, it's legal for women to go topless. This law varies by location, so check your local laws before embracing this freedom.

5. Flamethrowers for Everyone

8 things that are legal -2 Firing up the backyard: Believe it or not, owning a flamethrower is legal in many states!

In 40 states, there are no laws concerning the ownership of flamethrowers. Yes, that means you can actually own a device capable of launching fire.

6. The Curious Case of Tannerite

Tannerite, an explosive compound, is sold legally as a binary compound in the U.S. Just mix two harmless powders, and boom – you have an explosive.

7. Improvised Weaponry: Trash to Terror

Homemade firearms, aka garage guns, made from trash and debris, are legal. They range from simple lead tubes to more complex constructions.

8. Thermite: Hotter Than Hot

Thermite, a composite that can reach temperatures close to half of the Sun, is legal and used for cutting through strong metal.

While some of these legal oddities might tempt the inner rebel in you, it's always good to remember the line between legality and safety. Stay informed and stay safe!

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